Heathens who think highly of themselves

April 8th, 2013

Back in the mid 1990’s Keeper of Seasons Hall was and still is the premier of Heathen Reconstruction hall of New Mexico. Erich Matt Mark John Myself and others whom I have forgot were always looking to better an and to be better heathens. Problem was we kept getting hum how to put this delicately. Lets just say they were undesirable people who did not conform to our world view of Asatru at the time and even this time. We coined the term “No nos significa nada” (Everything else is insignificant to us”). We incorporated that into the original New Mexico Asatru Council. We caught MASSIVE loads of grief on it. We were told that we were disrespectful to other Heathens (Back then Heathen wasn’t a popular term we called them Asatruar) other pagan faiths and basically we were Snobs, Stuck Up and not very nice people. Thank you very much we totally agreed and agree today as well. We coined the old term Snobatru and even made an email list called Snobatru-L Everyone HAD to join it. Er sorry but no. The bot had an autoreply that something like this. “After careful review of your application you have been deemed unworthy to join this mail list. Thank you Good bye.
That caused a poop storm of biblical proportions. Very view people figured it out as a JOKE.
But why we did it was perhaps one of the first uses of Innergarth and Outergarth, Also we showed that we as Heathens did not have to accept you into our group just because your wear a hammer and or worship multiple gods and goddesses. We did not respect others in their faith other than the respect due another person IF THEY DESERVED IT. We respected the right to worship as one pleases but that’s it.

Now after that bit of ancient history people are asking “Chuck. What does that have to do with the price of mead in Michigan?” Well a lot. Today the big move is to form a homogeneous mass of Heathens and then stear them to a collective thought of acceptance of EVERYTHING that has the Official Stamp of Newage Sewage Asatru.

We have some many different sects of Heathenry today. Most interact with each other in a good and respectful manner. But there are groups that either pervert, (Damn I hate that term but it fits) Heathenry under the cloak of slightly modified names. A farm comes to mind. Others that use the “power” of kindred leadership to corral and drive the thoughts of individuals into that of a Peoples Temple (Don’t drink the Kool Aide) and the continually give written instruction and advice on how to live, worship, raise children, circumcise said children. Preach honesty and family and then throw it out the window. The good thing is that, for now we live in a country that allows and encourages us to do that. I dont have to like it, and you dont have to like what I say. Others fell under the spell of a smooth talking politician who ran on his heathen faith and as fast as I change underwear changed his faith to whatever it is for this week. First Aethling my left nu.. er umm nostril.

But the biggest thing that I am trying to say here is just because we have a similar faith you are not my brother sister family member etc. At least NOT UNTIL I SAY OTHERWISE. Yes I see the need for us as Heathens to gather and discuss and stand against what may try to bring us down as a faith. But the idea of all heathens “toeing the line” and following into a common and dare I say a social order, is alien to to our way and alien to our ancestors way of thinking and my take on the view of their world.

We need to be courteous to each other, and kind and respectful, If said respect is deserved or warranted. We do not need to be bound by a grand poobah or rules and regulations set down by said grand poobah. We are not one big happy group of bound thrall singing “Kumbaya” and roasting marshmallows and taking warm showers together. We are Heathens. I am a Heathen who thinks very highly of himself and of his tribe, clan kindred. No my innergarth. Those that fall in my Innergarth I’ll do what ever it takes to help you up to and including my sword, (Ok I dont really own a sword for fighting but it sounds better than my pledging my SKS) My outergarth, well as we say in New Mexico, No me importa. Your not important to me

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Heh heh heh heh

November 29th, 2012

OK In our quest to get rid of facebook Bob has set up personal blog pages. Free for all (For now!!!:) ) But a place for Heathens to post Heathen items!


New Mexico Heathen

November 29th, 2012

Was reading Slaegs post onhis blog, http://slaeghunder.ravenradio.info/#comment-3
and got me to wondering about Heathenry in NM. Looking out and seeing what we have here (Other than water) we do have it pretty good in the world of Asatru. We have the oldest kindred in the state, Keeper of Seasons Hall. KoSH as it goes by is not your typical Asatru kindred. They focus on the educational aspect of Asatru, mixing in a bit of the spirtual side. Mountain Haven Kindred leans toward the family side of Asatru and also we do a l;ittle of the educational side. Géoli Kindred is Anglo Saxon. Plus there are a few others. Mix that in with the melting pot of New Mexico and the heavy Spanish influence we have a hell of a mix .Over all we arepretty damn lucky here